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Hosted by productivity strategist Mike Vardy, The Productivityist Podcast is a weekly show that discusses tips, tools, tactics, and tricks that are designed to help you take your productivity, time management, goals, to do lists, habits, and workflow to new heights - both at work and at home. If you're looking to focus your efforts on getting the right things done and start living the good life, then this weekly conversational podcast – crafted in the tradition of Slate's Working, Back to Work, and HBR IdeaCast – is for you.

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    The Inner Game of Productivity with Alan Brown

    I would like to introduce you all to Alan Brown – he is a productivity coach, brain hacker, host of Crusher TV, and a best-selling author of the book Zen and the Art of Productivity – and he is my guest on this episode. In a nutshell, Alan helps people through productivity and brain hacks get more done in less time and with less stress.

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    The Productive Kitchen with Allison Schaaf

    On this episode, my guest is Allison Schaaf. She is a food, nutrition and culinary expert, and the founder of meal-planning website PrepDish, which offers gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo meal plans. PrepDish aims to save people time preparing and cooking healthy, homecooked meals.

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    Say Hello to David Knapp-Fisher

    My guest on this episode is one of my good friends, David Knapp-Fisher. We met at the World Domination Summit where we found out that we live 4 blocks apart, and have been constantly connecting ever since.

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    Controlling the Clutter with Claire Tompkins

    This episode's guest is Claire Tompkins (a.k.a. the Clutter Coach). Claire works with clients to organize and declutter their homes and offices, to manage their time and get things done better. She works with artists, writers, entrepreneurs and more as a professional organizer by creating simple, practical systems for real people.

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    Giving and Growing with Philip McKernan

    My guest for this week’s episode is Philip McKernan. He is an inspirational speaker, philosopher, writer, and filmmaker who works with entrepreneurs and leaders to live a life that benefits all aspects of their lives. One of the most impactful episodes I’ve had (so I suggest that you really listen to his insights), we had a very refreshing conversation that covered so much it can get you to see things in a different light.

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    Alignment and Automation with Mridu Parikh

    Joining me on this episode is Mridu Parikh - the woman behind Life is Organized. Mridu is a productivity coach, business strategist, speaker and trainer. She made it her goal to help individuals get clear on their priorities through effective time management, efficient processes, systems and life-changing habits – to do more in less time.

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    The Sunday Basket with Lisa Woodruff

    My guest on this episode is Lisa Woodruff, a professional organizer, productivity specialist and author of the book The Mindset of Organization: Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time. She coaches people to organize their households and their lives through systems she designed specifically for whichever part of your life or house that needs help tidying up and organizing.

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